Yeah, I’m Starting To Realize Obama’s “Personal” Statement Was Bullshit Too…

Evolution? Not So Much.

Gary Johnson isn’t falling for it – and nor should anyone.  The NYTimes and WaPo were all fooled by his nicey-nice “I love you” dance with Diane Sawyer.  But in terms of real policy, Obama isn’t doing ANYTHING.  He’s not allowing immigration or social security benefits for gay spouses, he’s not even deferring to the states if they DO approve of gay marriage.  New York gay husbands and wives aren’t getting anything.  Massachusetts gay husbands and wives aren’t getting anything.

“What is the President saying — that he would eat a piece of cake at a gay wedding if the state the happy couple lives in allows it ?. Where is the leadership? While I commend him for supporting the concept of gay marriage equality, I am profoundly disappointed in the President.”

There’s only one evolved candidate.  Yes, it’s important to give personal, moral support to our gay friends, because they are our brothers and sisters, they are citizens of the greatest democracy in the world.  It’s time to start treating gay Americans and their husbands and wives like they’re citizens of the world’s greatest democracy..


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