The Great Disappointment.

Ron Paul supporters are about to be seriously annoyed.  They are getting a serious number of delegates – but Paul isn’t going to be the nominee.  Period.  End of story.  It won’t happen.  The game is utterly and completely fixed – billions upon billions of dollars are set for Romney being the nominee, and most of the primary delegates went to Romney.

So what now?  Ron Paul will try to get a more libertarian platform – that won’t happen.  Social conservatives won’t let him when it comes to social policy, and Paul really doesn’t care that much when it comes to gay rights or abortion.  He’s personally icked out by gay people.  And he happens to be pro-life.  Is he really going to fight for “states rights” language in the platform?  Maybe, but he won’t fight hard.  Will he fight for language dropping support for Israel?  Yeah, probably.  But he won’t get that either.  When you see the amount of money and innovation and military-industrial cooperation that comes out of Israel, you know that this is going to be a no-go for the GOP or the Democratic party.

End the Fed?  Not likely.  Audit the Fed?  Probably not.  “Think about the Fed a little more critically?”  Maybe.  But I doubt it.

Will he get the VP slot?  No.  He doesn’t come with enough money or broad support in the south or west where Romney needs it.

Will he get a prime speaking spot?  Yeah, probably.  And maybe even one for his son.  But when it comes to real, honest-to-goodness change within the Republican party, here’s what Ron Paul and his people are going to get: NOTHING.  BUPKES.  ZERO.

Then, his supporters will have two choices – continue sending checks to Ron, and getting some really nice NEWSLETTERS from Ron Paul Inc.  Some will do this.  A couple may support Romney, but I doubt many will – there’s just not much crossover between Ron Paul and George Romney’s little boy Willard Mitt.

Or, they can turn to Gary Johnson.  This will give them more involvement in a movement, and that’s what this is about – young people wanting to feel a part of something.  And if they’re honest with themselves about issues, then they’ll realize that Gary Johnson reflects more of what they care about than Ron Paul even does.


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