Ron Paul Proves His Movement Is About Ron Paul. Not Ideas.

Audit the Fed! Not me!

Today, Ron Paul did what I always expected him to do – rule out an endorsement of the only libertarian in the race.  Up until now, there were a limited number of people who are willing to give money to libertarians, and he doesn’t want to give up those people.  But that won’t matter – because people will soon realize what a huckster Ron Paul really is.  Like the best whore in the worst financial straits – he’ll say and do anything for a buck.

People don’t understand that Paul is even a bigger flip-flopper than one W. Mitt Romney.  From the racist and loony ravings signed by his pen and published under his name (nothing to see here!), to the bizarre method of putting earmarks in legislation and then voting against it (he brings home the bacon without voting for it) to his apologies for radical Islamist groups.  And then he turns around and talk about liberty.  That’s not deciding on portions of a health care bill, that’s a 180 degree turn from complete tyranny, corporatist and slave-holder mentality to screaming about freedom.

If he were sincere about freedom, he’d support the only libertarian candidate still running for President.

I predict that more rumor mongering will mysteriously appear that Ron Paul secretly has all these delegates in the bag, and “don’t stop believing” and “keep sending in your money.”  Honest Ron Paul supporters will end up supporting Gary Johnson with or without his blessing.  The nuts will still send in their checks. As will the racists like Don Black.  That’s okay – a fool and his money is soon parted.  Paul will get the gold, but don’t expect the idea train to move out of Paul’s station.

Because the Ron Paul Revolution has always been about Ron Paul, never about Revolution.

Take a look at this article for more.


One comment on “Ron Paul Proves His Movement Is About Ron Paul. Not Ideas.

  1. Ron Paul is in this for much more than himself at this point. His work at acquiring delegates while done in the name of capturing delegates to the National Convention is much greater in helping to nominate liberty candidates to run as Republicans for national office. I would like to see him support Gary Johnson who I will be voting for, but I have no illusion of Gary winning the election. That’s where Ron Paul deviates from me and GJ, while sincere about freedom, he is also interested in seeing freedom win.

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