Rand Paul Sells Out – And This Is News?

What Planet Is He From?

Rand Paul occasionally makes good decisions and choices – he slowed down the Patriot Act, he made some nice noises about CISPA and NDAA.  But today (and a few weeks ago) he showed where his bread is buttered – right on the tattoo above his bunghole that says “Insert GOP here.”  And in Rand’s own homophobic parlance – “I can’t imagine a gayer strategy.”

Rand Paul proved today that he is a willing servant of two masters – Mitt Romney and Paul Inc.  What people don’t seem to understand about Ron and Rand is that they’re not actually the idealist stalwarts that most people think they are.  Like Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, they flip and flop; they just do it for a smaller niche.  Ron Paul gets a few nice checks from racists?  He’ll say something nice about them in his newsletters so more neo-Nazis can write checks.  Rand starts getting bucks from mega-churches?  There go the gay people – right in front of the bus.  It’s always been about money and branding.

And Ron has been raking it in as a GOP supporting actor.  And Ron wants the same truckload of loony-bucks for his son.  Everyone on the inside knows this: while most people think Ron’s the most honest man in politics, there will come a time very soon when his books open up.  And that perception will be dashed.

Of *course* Rand is going to endorse the Fed-loving, corporatist,  marijuana-killing, brown-people-hating, abort-’em-then-don’t-abort-’em Mitt Romney – because Rand’s not a libertarian anymore (apart from a few nice speeches).  He’s a Republican.



GOP Flops On Budget Control


Budget, In the new Coloring Book Edition.

Supposed budget hawk Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan warned that automatic cuts (that he fought for!) would decimate the American Military. Let’s remember what “Decimate” actually means – to destroy NINE TENTHS of an army.

In fact, the cuts Panetta and Congress agreed to were NINE TENTHS OF ONE PERCENT of our half a trillion dollar war economy. The Defense Secretary has accepted these cuts, and Paul Ryan is trying to shove more money at the War economy.

The greatest threat to American security is our budget deficit.  And Paul Ryan is collaborating with the enemy.